Thousands of automated doomsday machines have been unleashed on the city. Survive waves of onslaught using your dodging skills and a variety of ridiculous special moves. Where did the mysterious bomb-dropping, laser-spewing machines come from? What is the Ultimate Briefcase? And what is in it?


• Unlock a cast of unique characters, all with their own upgradable special abilities.

• Explore different areas of the city, from the fiery alley to the treacherous trapdoors of the water works bridge.

• Unlock new items to help you survive longer and rake in more coins.

• Collect security footage to piece together the story.

• No unlocks are purely cosmetic – everything you get has a real effect on the game.



A game by Quite Fresh Ltd.

Published by Nitrome Ltd.

© 2016 Quite Fresh Ltd. All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners.